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2021 Corn Hybrids

G 08D29 Artesian

RM: 108

Excellent Stalk and Roots for Season-Long Standability

G08D29-5122A E-Z Refuge

G08D29-3120A E-Z Refuge

  • Maximizes yield when it rains, increases yield when it doesn’t
  • Excellent Emergence
  • Performs well under a wide range of populations

G 08M20

RM: 108

Exciting Combination of High Yields and Solid Agronomics

G08M20-5122 E-Z Refuge

G08M20-3120 E-Z Refuge

  • Solid late-season stalks
  • Great test weight and grain quality
  • Adapted to most soil types

G 10D21

RM: 110

Top-End Yields with Outstanding Roots and Stalks for Season- Long Standability

G10D21-3330 E-Z Refuge

  • Consistent high yield potential
  • Broadly Adapted with a great disease package
  • Maximize yield potential and performance with higher populations

G 12S75

RM: 112

Outstanding Roots and Stalks for Season-Long Standability

G12S75-5122 E-Z Refuge

  • Very good staygreen and late-season intactness
  • Strong disease tolerance to NCLB and GLS
  • Good ear flex provides population flexibility

G 13T41

RM: 113

Excels in High-Yield, Highly Productive Environments

G13T41-5122 E-Z Refuge

G13T41-3120 E-Z Refuge

  • Superior root and stalk strength provides late-season intactness
  • Versatile hybrid that performs well across all soil types
  • Best performance in low to moderate pH soils

G 13Z50

RM: 113

Excellent Emergence and Solid Early Vigor

G13Z50-5222 E-Z Refuge

G13Z50-3220 E-Z Refuge

  • Good disease tolerance
  • Excellent drydown
  • Performs well under wide range of populations

G 14N11

RM: 114

Excellent Top-End Yield Potential with Broad Adaptability

G14N11-5222 E-Z Refuge

  • Very strong emergence and vigor allow for an early plant option
  • Outstanding root strength for season-long standability
  • Moderate plant stature for residue management

G 15J91

RM: 115

Outstanding Roots and Above-Average Stalks for Season-Long Standability

G15J91-3220 E-Z Refuge

  • Exceptional versatility on a wide range of soil types
  • Good ear flex provides population flexibility
  • Strong fit for drought-prone environments

G 15L32

RM: 115

Strong Agronomics with Stable Yield Performance

G15L32-5222 E-Z Refuge

G15L32-3330 E-Z Refuge

  • Population driven for top-end performance
  • Very good root and stalk strength for harvest flexibility
  • Dependable staygreen to help maximize yield potential

Yield Leader with Broad Adaptation and Yield Stability

Medium Plant Height with Exciting Yield Potential

Top-End Yield with Sound Agronomics 

Industry-Leading Yield Performance Across All Acres

Outstanding Yield Performance with Excellent Agronomics

Broadly Adapted Hybrid for Excellent Performance Across Yield Environments

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