Seed Treatment

We here at KE Seed take great pride in making sure our customers are always satisfied. Our promise is to never cut corners and provide the highest quality of seed treatment products and superior service.

Current Offerings

A great ending always has to start with a perfect beginning. By providing our customers with Syngenta Seedcare products we do just that. Syngenta is the industry leader in seed treatment. 


Superior protection against SCN, coupled with the industry leader in fungicide and insecticide protection, CruiserMaxx Vibrance


Three-way protection against fungi alongside of superior insect protection. This engineered formula outperforms any of the competition.


The power of CruiserMaxx Vibrance without the insecticide. A new product for 2019 that is affordable, but yet still an engineered mix


The industry leader against SDS. This in combination with CruiserMaxx Vibrance makes for the perfect start.


Excalibre SA is encapsulated, which allows for optimal use of rhizobia . Making it a sought after inoculant


Contains naturally occuring bradyrhizobium japonicum that allows for optimal nodulation

Engineered Mixture

CruiserMaxx Vibrance seed treatment is an engineered mixture that won’t separate over time. This allows for superior coverage, low dust-off, improved seed flow, and helps maximize plant stands.

Less Buildup

Generic Blends can cause build-up in the seed treater’s atomizer and drum. Causing for less uniform coverage and more down time.

Improved Seed Flow

CruiserMaxx Vibrance’s engineered mixture sticks the treatment on the beans, not on everything else, allowing for flowability from bulk box to planter box. 

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