Bottom line: Enogen technology provides an opportunity for increased profitability for both growers and ethanol producers.



Enogen Corn Drives Efficiency

Enogen corn uses modern biotechnology to deliver robust, best-in-class alpha amylase enzyme directly in corn grain. This breakthrough not only saves the cost of adding liquid enzymes, it drives dramatic enhancements in process efficiency and ethanol plant throughput and yield that are beyond the reach of conventional liquid enzymes.

More Yield, More Throughput, Less Input

Enogen grain facilitates the processing of higher dry solids levels, increasing yield and throughput. Enogen grain has also helped to drive measurable reductions in water, electricity and natural gas usage on a per gallon basis, effectively reducing an ethanol plant’s carbon footprint.

Be Part of the Energy Solution

Enogen corn growers collaborate with Syngenta and their local ethanol plant to deliver a more efficient and sustainable way to produce ethanol from corn. Growers access Enogen technology through a technology license with Syngenta and a corn production contract with an ethanol plant. Enogen corn growers are paid premiums for each bushel of grain delivered to the ethanol plant, which helps add substantial value and revenue potential per acre.

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