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Check out the latest agronomy update discussing Corn Rootworm lifecycle and proper management

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Recent Agronomy Updates

Tar Spot in Midwestern Corn

Tar spot of corn is a relatively new disease to the U.S. It was first reported in northwest IN and north-central IL in 2015 by Kiersten Wise, Gail Ruhl and Tom Creswell from Purdue...

Soybean Disease Series: Part 1

To help you navigate the many diseases impacting soybean plants, we’re providing you with a 2-part series that equips you with guidance to identify and manage nearly a dozen damaging...

Manage adult corn rootworm

When it comes to high pressure corn rootworm (CRW) fields, even under intense management with soil applied insecticides and/or CRW-traited corn hybrids there is a possibility...

Soybean Disease Series: Part 2

Continuing our 2-part series on soybean diseases, each of these diseases shows signs after flowering and could infect your soybean crop, severely diminishing yield potential...

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