About Us

KE Seed

A 3rd generation company founded in 1968, KE Seed & Crop Insurance has been providing farmers with quality Syngenta products and crop insurance services across central Illinois. From customized seed treatments, to bulk soybeans and delivery, to crop insurance recommendations, to planter meter inspection, KE Seed is dedicated to staying at the forefront of the ever-changing agricultural world. This, in combination with KE Seed’s expertise in the seed and crop insurance industries, helps us help you make more dollars.


Mission Statement

Helping producers implement profitable solutions for agriculture

Vision Statement

Providing growers first choice products with best-in-class service

  -Recommending the best choice in seed selection and seed treatments


Our Team

Kurt Ehnle - Owner/Manager KE Precision Ag

Kurt Ehnle

Owner/Manager/Floor Sweeper


As the owner and manager of KE Seed, Kurt’s day-to-day activities and responsibilities are not easily noticed. He keeps the gas tank full, the lights on, and actually makes for a pretty good forklift operator.


Aaron Ehnle

Agronomy Specialist/Sales Support


Aaron’s deep passion for agronomy and love for farming has his gears spinning tirelessly. As KE Seed’s agronomic specialist, he is often walking fields or side-by-sides to try to identify one variable over another. Aaron also manages the family farming operation, so he experiences the successes and failures of the agricultural world first hand, and provides sound, honest recommendations and evaluations. He also performs a supporting role for seed sales.

Allen Messman

Allen Messman

Seed Marketing Manager


Allen comes to KE seed with over 40 years’ experience in the seed business, first as a DSM with several seed companies and more recently as Director of Sales and Business Development Manager in the seed business, much of it with Bo-Jac Seed Company.

Allen was born and raised on a grain and livestock farm in Mason County Illinois. He is still involved with his three brothers on a consulting and part owner basis. His vast experience in the seed industry prepares him to help the KE seed growers in their seed selection and placement which will enhance their yields and profitability.

He and his wife, Ruth, live in Manito, IL and are from that general area all their lives. They have 2 grown children, 3 grandchildren and a 3-year old Yorkie-poo dog.

We are very pleased to have someone with Allen’s experience and know-how to assist the growth of KE seed’s business.