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A 3rd generation company founded in 1968, KE Seed has been providing farmers with quality Golden Harvest products and services across central Illinois for over 50 years.

Low Mu-Tech Dust

We here at KE Seed are always on the search for new and exciting products we can bring to our customers. With the new seed lubricant Dust, we are proud to say we have done it again. 

Seed Treatment

Not all seed treatments are equal. We here at KE Seed take great pride in providing our customers with the highest quality seed treatments at an affordable price. 


We here at KE Seed know the importance of placing the right seed on the right acre. You know your fields better than anyone else and we want to work with you to set you up for success season in and season out.

Our Services


As a new product to the market for 2019, we are proud to be Central Illinois’s premier distributor of Low Mu-Tech Dust. Contact us today to learn more.

Seed Treatment

A great ending always begins with the perfect start. We know how much you value your seed and we have the products to get you off to the perfect start. 


From pre-season planning to post-season evaluating. We want to work with you to provide you with unparalleled sales and service year in and year out. 

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Kurt - Owner
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Aaron - Seed Advisor
Allen - Marketing Manager
Ron - Seed Specialist
Andy - Seed Specialist

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